Smart-MessageBus.NET is a free framework with which one can easily build client/server solutions based on a shared messagebus. It is based on the Smart-RPC.NET library.

The current implementation is built as a portable assembly and thus it can be used for different types of solutions, e.g. Desktop applications or Universal Windows applications.

The NuGet package is found here

Getting started

The example provides a basic implementation in which 3 services are configured. The master [Master], a slave [Slave1] which is connecting with the Master and a second slave [Slave1.1] which is connecting with Slave1. At Slave1.1 a message is send every second addressed at the Master.

This sample is plug and play, after unzipping it can be opened in Visual Studio 2015. After that execute the solution and the services will start and their magic starts.

Download example »

Strong points

  • Current implementation is fully functional out of the box.
  • Connection between services is guarded. Any interruptions in the connection are detected, reported and retried.
  • Communication between service is reliable. Messages are queued on disk so that they are delivered when the addressee is available again.
  • Future updates

  • Communication is currently done via TCP, this will be customizable.
  • Discovery mechanism to locate services on the local network. Currently hostnames and ports need to be provided.
  • Design diagrams detailing the inner mechanisms.